Error 112003

Just trying to set up Comodo Backup. Testing by backing up one folder to a NAS. I am using FTP (to remove backup from potential ransomware threats).

Job fails with following log . . .

17.12.2016 11:26:11 Creating New Backup…
17.12.2016 11:26:11 Deduplication is disabled because selected destination doesn’t allow random reads
17.12.2016 11:26:11 Searching specified backup base
17.12.2016 11:26:11 Base backup not found in original location, performing advanced search… this might take a few minutes
17.12.2016 11:26:12 Parent base not found.
17.12.2016 11:26:12 Cannot find a backup base. Defaulting to full backup.
17.12.2016 11:26:12 Creating full backup “
17.12.2016 11:26:12 Error Occurred
17.12.2016 11:26:12 Backup failed with code 112003 (Internal error).

Anyone got any idea what’s happening?

Very grateful for any ideas.