Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfp.chm. Please contact support. So I am.

Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfp.chm. Please contact support.

I received this message during update after commanding it. It seemed to proceed through the process, but showed this error as last thing before Finish clicked. Now shows as v3.0.25.378 in"About…"–don’t know what it was before.

Vista Home Premium.

So, I am contacting support, as directed.

Try disabling the firewall and d+ while updating :slight_smile:

Disable how? Do you mean right click icon and Exit? How would I command the update then?

No :slight_smile: Just move the sliders to disabled position :slight_smile:

An obvious cause of such a failure might be that CFPs Help was open at the time of the update or that another security application either delayed or denied CFPs Update process access to the CHM file. But, your current CFP version does appear to be the latest version, despite the apparent failure. However, this might imply that CFPs Help documentation was not updated in your installation.

Also, the forums aren’t exactly Comodo Support for CFP. Most CFP help here is provided by users, like yourself. You may still want to report this to Comodo Support to ensure that they are aware of this issue.

OK, I did the ‘disable’ thing and ran update again. It still did an update–much shorter than before.

Question- if this held the latest v number already, how did it know still to do some updating?

Second, a help window may well have been open before. If that is a ‘stopper or interferer,’ shouldn’t the install process check for it and tell the user to close it?

Maybe because it checks the actual file versions. But, that’s a guess. You’d need to ask Support to get a definative answer.

I agree. This is why I suggested that you report this to Support or, you could, create a topic in CFPs Bug Report section.

Several previous have suggested contact with “support” in addition to or instead of here. I just looked in the interface, and under the Misc button, you are linked to 'Browse support forums," but I do not see there how to contact the “real” support mentioned above. Is that somewhere else in the interface that I am missing?

OK, I did post Comodo Support’s URL above. Anyway, go to Comodo Support, register on their system & then once logged in… create a support ticket by clicking on “Submit a Ticket”. If this is related to the CHM file update issue, you could always create a Bug report on the forums for it.

This is the support forums and most (but, not all) support offered here is performed by users on a voluntary basis. However, certain types of questions can only really be answered by Comodo Support or Comodo personnel, mainly because we’re not privileged to the level of technical information that would be required to answer the question. If other people have also suggested that you contact Comodo Support, it may be due to either what you’re asking or the sort of answer you might seem to require.

Comodo personnel, on the forums, always use a Comodo logo as their Avatar picture (image on the left).

I hope that helps.