error 110

When trying to update, I keep getting error message 110 there is a problem making an internet connection. Shut off my firewall it’s Comodo. Noting helps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do You have any proxy, ICS, parental control, hardware firewall, web accelerator ???
How do Tou connect??

I can’t say anything without some information…


I have a proxy with the accelerator. Don’t know what an ICS is ??? No parental control or hard firewall. I connect with a modem.

Been using Comodo firewall & anti-virus for a couple months with no problems. It just stopped updating. It will call up my dial-up program but tells me the is a problem with it after it connects. The firewall updates fine. Tried un-instal/re-install but, it didn’t help.

Sure appreciate any help. I really like this program & would hate to lose it.


I have no idea what you can do…
like there´s some error on update module of CAVS… but you already tryed uninstall …
have you tryed run updater manually?? from “Run Updater…” option in antivirus menu??
this error isn´t about Lauch Pad update??
this two updates aren´t the same…

but I don´t know nothing more… :cry:

Thanks anyway Koury. I’ve tried runninug a manual update but get the error message. I don’t get anything from auto update. The firewall & launch pad have updated fine. Haven’t had an update on the antivirus since the 9th of this month.