Error 109 prevents update downloads

Can someone help me please? I have tried several times to download updates but every time the download is prevented by error 109. I tried searching here and Google but was unable to find an answer.

I also just googled now to find info on this forum (because the search doesn’t seem to work that well :-):,5586.0.html

It could be a busy server, so please try updating at a different time.

Edit: Yep. I just tried to manually update and I also received an error, 106 that is, which I know is busy server status.


i am getting a similar error…
when i try the manual update it gives me either 106 or 109(mostly this) at around 50% update…
it keeps giving pop-ups about updates available through the automatic update, bt tht too stops at about the same length…

pls help


Welcome to the forum, gods.devil.

I’ve tried it couple of times today with error 106 (busy server). We can only be patient.

Ok. I just tried right now and still same.

If you’re using CFP, Database 3.0, they’re already the latest. There is nothing to update anyway.

Thanx Soyabeaner

i have version Database Ver 2.0

well seems we will have to wait and chk it again 2mrw…


Good idea. Also try at different times.