Error 108

About a week ago I got the bubble on the COMODO icon that an update was ready to be installed. I think I clicked it but was not sure. I went to the Misc tab and clicked the update link…When I do that I get an Error 108…Uses Internet explorer settings. I use Firefox use IE very little. But how do I fix this 108 error?

BTW keep up the good work I love this program.

Thank you

Had the same problem after installing. I hade Norton before and that didnt uninstall peoperly. Ran Norton removal tool and after that all worked well.

I have updated it before, and nothing on my computer has changed as far as I know…I use AVAST unless the anti virus updated?

Anybody from COMODO advise?

What version of CIS are you currently on? The latest version is 3.9.95478.509. You can get it here: .

Thank you for the response…

I guess I have an older version 3.8.65951.477.

Ill up date and see if that helps

It is recommended to do a clean install of 3.9 and not to import your configuration of 3.8. There have been some changes to default policies in 3.9 which help to reduce the CPU load when creating new rules.