Error 108


Could someone explain what Errot 108 is caused by, please?

I have just clicked on “Miscellaneous” and then “Check for updates” and finally “Start” and then I get the message:-

“Error 108: Update could not be completed. Please check your internet connection settings”

I have been updating CIS from time to time without problems and as I have not changed any internet settings, I don’t understand why I am getting this message or what it refers to. I thought that it might be because I was using CIS 3.8.xxxxx so I have uninstalled it and installed 3.9,95478.509 in its place but it still will not connect to the internet

Can anyone help, please?

Hello Chriscs,

Can you check the following, do you have a proxy configured in IE ?
Can you check Misc, Settings, Proxy to see if it has anything configured there ?

Hello Ronny,

No, I haven’t got a proxy configured in IE and there is nothing at all in “Misc, Settings, Proxy”. The strange thing is that another computer which has more or less identical software and which is connected to the same ADSL modem behaves normally. Both computers use the same version of Firefox for accessing the internet and IE is hardly ever used.

The computer which has the “Error 108” suddenly developed it without (as far as I know) anything being done to it: i.e. no new software or hardware has been added and no settings have been changed.

can you try the following, open a command-box and type

ipconfig /flushdns

restart the computer and see if that helps ?

No that hasn’t solved the problem, I still get Error 108.

I have an old computer on which I had installed the 3.8 version of CIS and this has updated to 3.9.95478.509 without any problem. With the computer that has the error message I uninstalled CIS 3.8 and did a clean install of 3.9 but I still get the error message when I try and update. Even if there isn’t an update for this latest version, I would have expected the software to log on to the update site and tell me that there were no updates rather than saying that it “could not be completed” which seems to mean it can’t access the site.

I also have a computer running Windows 7 RC1 and had installed CIS 3.8 on it. Although CIS 3.8 wouldn’t run properly it has been updated without this “Error 108” and now runs properly

Do you have any experience with Wireshark ? I think we need a packet capture to see what’s happening “behind the scenes” so to speak…

No, I have no experience with Wireshark - haven’t even heard of it. If it will help to clear things up I would be happy to give it a try. It seems that I am not alone in getting error messages about updating so perhaps it would benefit us all

Can you download and install the network packet sniffer from here ?

After install please start it and go to “Capture, Options” Select your network adapter from the list.
Please close all other applications that could cause network traffic to be captured also during this test.

Now press the Start button and switch to CIS and press the Check for updates.
After the error message appears go back to wireshark and click “Capture, Stop” on the menu bar.

Now save the capture, “File, Save as” and select a folder to save the file “whatever.cap” somewhere.

I’ll send you a PM with my email address so you don’t have to post it here.