Error 108 [Resolved]

First of all I would like to thank the Comodo team for such an excellent product (:CLP)
I am not averse to paying for a good piece of software but I think that anyone who is paying for a personal firewall when Comodo is available for free needs to look carefully at what they are paying for.

This morning I ran into a problem on updating. When I booted up I got a message saying Comodo updates are available and would I like to install them, to which, I said yes. After a time a message appeared saying updates had been installed and that I would need to restart my PC. After rebooting I got another message saying updates are available so I went through the process again. After a couple more restarts I realised that something was amiss. I then tried a manual update which went through the process ending with the message Error 108, unable to install updates.

I think the failure to achieve an automatic update may be due to another issue which I am still researching and have not as yet solved. When I boot up, say first thing in the morning, soon after everything has loaded cpu usage shoots up to 100% and stays around that area for approx 1 minute and during this time the PC is virtually unusable. A look at Task Manager reveals that an instance of svchost.exe running System is the culprit. An extensive trawl of google reveals that I am not alone with this problem and so far no one seems to have come up with an answer. Being quite paranoid on security I have carried out all the checks including rootkit detection and all come up negative. I sit behind an SPI firewall in my router which covers incoming traffic and I run NOD32 a/v.

I have decided that until I can sort out the svchost problem that I will stick to manual updating of Comodo. What I need to know now is whether an uninstall of Version of Comodo followed by downloading and installing the latest version will solve my error 108 problem. Thank you in anticipation.

Hi there,

Doing as you suggested worked for me.
Uninstall whatever version is resident and get the latest from

It never asked for the activation code, so it must have been buried in the registry somewhere ?
But its all installed, singing and dancing here ;D


Do you run an alternative shell, such as litestep, or a heavilly modded explorer shell?
The reason is that I managed to solve my svchost problem which was due to this.
Basicallly, when windows auto update finds an update it attempts to show a systray popup not supported by the non-microsoft systray running in my shell, it then causes a cpu spike when retrying instead of giving up.
Try manually updating at windows update online then restart and all should be well if you have the same issue.
Long term either remember to do an update whenever svchost spikes or turn off auto update.

As for the 108 issue, I get it as well and having spent a long time getting my rules to work, and with no backup/restore method, I am loathe to fully uninstall and start again :frowning:

I am having this same issue.
The ability to download this update and install it from a local location would also help.
From the internet trafic it appears to be failing on the download of the update.

Also, the ability to export and import settings would help in ‘spreading the love’. My grandmother just doesn’t get it and shouldn’t have to if I can just import the settings…

Thanks rwremote that worked just fine for me too.

Thanks for your input on the svchost problem d_underhill. Windows Update did turn out to be the culprit. I found it necessary to turn off Automatic Updates to do the job. To stop the alerts coming up in the system tray I had to do this: Start>>Run: wscui.cpl. From the menu on the left hand side select “Change the way Security Centre alerts me” untick the box “Automatic Updates”

I’ve been using the Comodo firewall for about a month now and find it very functional and effective. However, I am experiencing the same error 108 issue and I was just wondering if there is a “fix” in the works, or is everyone just expected to uninstall and get the newer version? Like others, I hesitate to do so due to the lack of the ability to import my existing rules etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’d have no problem doing this if it’s the solution recommended. CPF is well worth the effort of having to make rules again.
In fact, the simple fact that you can make rules for outgoing traffic is one of the biggest draws to this product for me, well and the fact that it cost nothing, (:KWL)

It is a “fix” in the works…a new version will be released on tuesday,2004.msg15819.html#msg15819

Fix is already on the way :wink:

expect it by tuesday!


PS: easy solution now would be uninstall and install the latest version.

For the sake of clarity it would be nice if a Comodo Staff member would state whether an uninstall and reinstall will or will not delete your current settings.

And thanks in advanced for the fix on Tuesday!


Reinstalling will delete existing settings. However, by exporting the following key and its subkeys:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Personal Firewall
then importing them back after install, you can keep your existing configuration.


We have fixed error 108 during update, had a problem on our update server side. It has been fixed on Sep 04, 2006 at 7:30 GMT.
Please try to take updates again.

The new update worked a treat, thanks.

Hi, I realize no one has posted to this thread since September; however, I received error 108 during a manual update this morning. >:(


it seems that comodo has some problems updating its website. Since yesterday there are problems to connect to certain downloads:

My client sends: GET /cpf/download/updates/release//xp_cpf_update.ini HTTP/1.1
Comodo answers: “This site is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please bear with us, we will be back shortly.”

I used SmartSniff from Nirsoft to capture the packets. Cool Proggie!

Hi Guys,

I have uploaded the latest Comodo Firewall Pro setup at rapidshare,

:BNC :Beer (CLY) (L)


One tip for the comodo team:

Seems like the webserver is overwhelmed with requests for the new 2.4 version.
I would recommend to use the coralcdn network for these high peak times until comodo has found a solution to cope with the demand:
More Info here:

The problem appears to be fixed. :BNC

Today, the automatic update ran correctly. Thanks for the quick response.