Error 108 on version 3.11

Good morning. I am using Comodo 3.11, and it gives me the same old “Error 108: Update could not be completed” message. Similarly, attempting to update the virus signature database fails. I thought everything was fixed from 3.10 onward. Did I miss something? I uninstalled 3.08 earlier, installing 3.11 which is what was available, and hoping that would fix it. To my surprise, the same old problem resurfaced.

I used 2 different registry cleaners between the uninstall/install cycles, and even physically deleted the c:\program files\comodo folder logging in by Safe mode as Administrator. Then and only then I installed the 3.11 version.

Now I have the 3.12 version downloaded, wondering if I will succeed this time or will the problem persist?

Obviously, I have missed something, but have no idea how to detect what the problem is.

Russell in Canada

Please downlad the latest 3.12 from here: Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo.

Then uninstall 3.11, reboot and use this clean up script to get rid off possible left overs. When on Vista/Win 7 make sure to delete whatever CIS leftovers are under
User%username%\appdata\local\Virtual store

You can export your 3.11 configuration and import it in 3.12. However when your configuration is going back to before 3.10 it is not recommended to use it again and it is best to start from scratch.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try before installing the 3.12. Interesting how persistent some software is … the 3.08 would not let me uninstall some months ago, so I blew it away by deleting it.

I will give this a try and report back with my results. Thanks once again.

Update, October 7, 2009.
Now I am sure I want this program uninstalled. I turned on my machine this morning only to find it locked in an endless search for something out there on the web. CIS is occupying nearly 100% of my system resources and 100% of the internet bandwidth. Everything has slowed down to an agonizingly slow crawl. I’ve had to pull the power cord just to regain control of my PC, and am only able to connect out using my Linux boot.

It took me a while to get Task Manager up and running so I could see what processes were running. I was surprised, I admit, that cmdagent was hogging everything. Moreover, not even under Administrator could I halt it as a process.

Any software that is that uncooperative is history, as soon as I can uninstall it.

I’d thought many times about going for the paid option for Comodo, but always hesitated, due to lingering problems. Now I am sure of it - much as I wanted this to work, I am dissatisfied enough to just completely uninstall and look for something else. This is too much trouble for me, and escalating trouble just pushes me farther away.

Thanks for the cleanup script. If I can get the software to uninstall, I’ll run your script next.

Russell in Canada

Today there was a problem with the AV update. One or more AV updates made cmdagent go totally haywire. I reinstalled CIS and then came to the forum to see Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates. Then I learned what was happening and that may be I could have avoided the reinstall. :-\

Thanks for the script. It was the trick that finally let me do a clean uninstall and then clean out all registry entries. It still left behind several entries, but using 3 different registry cleaners I was finally able to clear it all out.

This experience has left me totally turned off CIS. I feel like the software was like a tiger in a cage that kept dragging me back every time I tried to escape.

I will not likely be coming back, and am not likely to recommend this product, paid or free, to anyone who asks me for my thoughts on a firewall or antivrus product.

I thank you for your help and your patience. This experience was simply too much for me.


Usually the installer of CIS does a fine job. I hardly find any left overs when doing what the script does manually. However keep in mind that sometimes having other security or network related programs running in the background that these may interfere with the uninstall process.