error 108-cannot update???

I am trying to complete an update but keep recieving these errz, 108 is the #, what do I do>?

I run wingdowsxp, connect exclusivly through wifi AP’s wep encrypted, is it possible that the routers firewall is blocking the updater from completion? I am able to connect everything else fine but the updater from comodo…helpz?

thanks in advance, jaydag

I’m getting the same message but I take it the server will be inudated with upgrades just now. :THNK

i get a 106 error…it stops in the middle of the update. is that the same thing?

Yeah…I got up to 33% then it quit and a 106 error appeared. (:SAD)

I performed a clean re-install by downloading from the official site. That worked for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip soyabeaner. Worked a treat. (:CLP)