Error 106

When I click on “updater” the window comes up and I click on start, a short pause then “error 106” pops up and the window closes. What is wrong?

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An error 106 can indicate a couple of issues.

  1. That the update server is very busy, please try to run the updater at another time.

  2. Go to the Application Monitor and find all the svchost.exe entries and changed them to “Ask” instead of “Block”.
    You may need to also change the WGATray.exe to “Ask” from “Block”.
    Then try running the updater again.

  3. Are you using Internet Explorer?

If not:
Open Internet internet explorer
Click ‘File’
Remove the tick next to ‘Work Offline’
And try again

Not a bug. It’s in the FAQ:

[b]Update Issues (Error 106 | Never-Ending Updates)[/b],18966.0.html,19645.0.html,22396.0.html