Error 106 when trying to update

I keep getting “error 106. Could not complete update process” when trying to update. I read in the forum that this is a “server busy” error, but I can never get it to update at anytime of the night. Any help??

Hi and Welcome, huklbuk.

Please refer to ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** at the bottom of the list:

Update Error 106,1485.0.html

It means busy server and to try again. I’ll lock this thread since this is a very common question.

Hi can anyone help me with this problem. Everytime I go to update this error 106 comes up. How do I get around it or what do I have to do to stop it so I can successfully update. Thanks bennie girl

Welcome to the forum, bennie girl. I moved and merged your question here because they’re the same. Please refer to the link above.