Error 106 - Update failing [RESOLVED]

I am using Comodo Internet Security Version 3.8.65951.477 on XP Pro and am receiving a Error 106 when my updater runs. I have reloaded the software numerous times and continue to receive the same error. I am not experiencing any Internet or connection problems with my system, all of my Internet applications are working fine. During the re-install the updater works but fails every time thereafter.

I have checked the forums and search engines and am unable to remedy. There appears to be a lot of other users w/the same problem but no answers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Cogan,

Can you also post the “text” that belongs to error 106 ?
Can you check if you can browse to:, that should give a 404 not found.

I figured out the problem. My Interenet Explorer was set to a “proxy server” instead of “autonmically detect setting” in tools/connections/LAN Settings. As soon as I corrected, teh Comodo update worked fine.

I use Firefox exclusively so I was unaware that these setting were incorrect. Also, I am guessing that Comodo did this during the install because I did not change nor I have ever used a Proxy Server. Also, I have not installed any other software since Comodo. Just a guess.

Glad it’s fixed, however i doubt that CIS install would activate the proxy settings…

Hi! I tried EVERYTHING suggested in this forum regarding this error and everything else I could think of, but the update service still doesn’t work. I literally tried EVERY rule and option regarding all relevant files mentioned in the forum and/or related to COMODO, but I still get an Error 106 message.
New solution needed, HELP! I’m relatively experienced with Windows, I usually manage to troubleshoot without help, but this is driving me nuts.
I run Win XP Pro on a 3Ghz P4 SP3, 1GB RAM, MSI Mainboard (875P I think), ATI 9600Pro 128MB, 2 HDDs.
Meanwhile there are no limitations left in the firewall, but it still doesn’t work. Internet Explorer 7 works fine.

Hello W.ill,

Can you tell us your current version of CIS ?
How is your network setup ?

Can you ping without having packet loss ?
also try till

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

My COMODO Internet Security is version is 3.8.65951.477
Virus Signature Database Version is 1017.

The Network Settigs were automatically set up by my modem. No proxies, auto-detect setting in LAN menu on.

I tried pinging, which worked 2 out of 3 times without packet loss, once 25% loss. could be pinged too without any loss.

COMODO Tech Support recommended downloading a file at and pasting and renaming it into my CIS directory, but that doesn’t work since I get an “Error 404 - Not Found” on my browsers (IE7, Safari and Opera) if trying to reach any site.

Thanks for your efforts.

Try this, that does work here, and it’s also the latest :wink:
They forgot the 38 after /updates.

I think you have to replace the bases.cav with this one in safe-mode for it to work though.
rename your current bases.cav (version 1017) to bases.1017.cav
rename the base_end_user_v1086.cav to bases.cav

reboot and see if your up2date


Followed your instructions exactly. Virus Database Update now says “The virus signature database is up-to-date.”, but the “Check for Updates” function under “Miscellaneous” still reports “Error 106: Check internet connection”.
So obviously I can still not update the program itself (only AntiVirus Database, and that probably is up-to-date because of the file I downloaded manually, not sure whether the AntiVirus Update really works now, will see when next update available).


Do you know how to handle Wireshark ?

If so please create a capture of the “update” and see if that gives us a clue.

You did double check your CIS, Misc, Settings, Proxy tab ?
You did double check your IE proxy settings ?
You are not running some sort of anonymous proxy toolbar ?

Yes, I tried everything I could possibly do in CIS, Internet Explorer, etc.
Note that I have set the connection settings in internet explorer to “auto detect”, I don’t (and have never) use(d) proxies.

I use a mobile internet solution though (UMTS/HSDPA), but never have experienced any problems with it. It set up the internet connection itself automatically and has always worked (works on a friends PC who uses COMODO and same internet solution). There are 3 connections displayed in “connections” in the IE options menu.

Do you mean the update.exe?

I haven’t used wireshark before, but it shouldn’t be a problem as I’m relatively experienced with computers in general (except networking etc.).

Thanks for your fast replies and help.

PS: I have no proxy settings and no toolbars installed on this computer (at least not that I know of); couldn’t find any proxy settings set in internet explorer or CID, switched internet options to “detect automatically”. Should I turn that off?

Auto detect uses WPAD dns Queries, it should not interfere, but you can try to see if it makes a difference.

An other problem with UMTS/HSDPA is data accelerators killing some traffic.
You provider could be using some form of compression to “improve” internet speed.

Can you check to see if you have that enabled somewhere on the UMTS software ?

Hi! The very basic/simple software doesn’t really show anything like that, but I could limit the connection to WCDMA. I don’t think the provider is using compression/data accelleration as my top connection speed is 1MBit on a 3,6 MBit Modem, is there any other way of finding out whether this is the case or not? All the settings I found (DNS, IP, WINS) are set to dynamic, except APN which is set to Static (I think this info isn’t really helpful, is it?). I tried turning off “auto detect settings” while updating, which didn’t work eigther.
As I said, I’ve never had any problems with it (though using all kinds of different software/updates/P2P Programmes), and a friend of mine who uses the exactly same modem and the same ISP (even same contract) and has no problems regarding Comodo updates.

Are there any DNS settings I could change to improve chances to complete the update?

I have downloaded WireShark, what should I do with it to provide you with further information?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best thing would be to close as many applications as possible to not disturb the packet capture to much.
Now start wireshark and go to Capture, Options.

You’ll get a window where you can select your adapter you’d like to capture the traffic on.
Now in the “Capture filter” box type port 80 and next click on Start.

Wireshark will now capture all traffic from and to port 80, now press “Check for updates” on CIS and after the error occurs please wait a few seconds and go to Options again and select “Stop”.

You can then save the capture and we’ll see if we can make anything of that data.

Can you also post the extra information shown on the “check for update, error 106:” ?


Cleared Autostart from any applications apart from CIS, and disabled all unneeded non-microsoft services.

The error on CIS Update (general update, not “virus database only” which works) says “Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.”

I did what you asked me to do on wireshark (I think I got it right), it seems like some problems occured regarding TCP and HTTP connections.
I saved the capture (2 files) and exported it to a text file additionally which shows details on the errorous frames. I also created a .txt file that only shows the errorous files, which is more convenient I guess. All these files are in the zip file attached to this message.

By the way: the virus update really works now for sure, it updated my Virus Database today. But the general update still returns the error message. I saved the files uncompressed in a zip file, and scanned the zip file with up-to-date virus definitions (with Comodo AntiVirus), it’s clean. If I did anything wrong please let me know and I’ll retry capturing. gives an “404 not found” error if I try reaching it via any browser.

Thank you very much again, I really apprechiate your help.

Kind Regards,

Edit: removed attachment.

I’ll have a look and see if i can find something…

Yes it fails to download the .ini file which contains the “update” details.

Can you try to download them manually with IE

See if you have problems with a specific server.

If you look at the capture you see frame 24, as the original.
You see frame 26 is the retransmission of the same request.
Frame 27 shows packet loss.

OK, downloaded the files, no problems downloading via IE7 from any server, completed DL from all servers.

What should I do now?
Any settings I should change, or should I copy/paste the file anywhere?

Thanks for the efforts.


??? This 106 error is RESOLVED? How? I’m also getting the message to update my virus database because it is out of date. This used to get updated automatically, but since 3/28 it apparently hasn’t been. When I try to update it I get the 106 error just like every one else and I AM connected to the internet. I downloaded the file in the last post but what do I do with it? I moved it to the COMODO Internet Security folder but it STILL doesn’t work. Not being able to update the virus definitions is ridiculous !!! The reason I switched from my previous virus program was because the files were out of date and couldn’t update them to be current. Looks like I’m going to have to switch again. >:(