Error 106:Update could not be completed

Good People,

I can update the anti-virus database.

I can not check for program updates.

Using “Miscellaneous tab | Check for updates” produces the following error msg:
Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.

A .PNG capture of the error msg made using the Win 7 Snipppet tool is included.

The OS is Win 7 RC, x86 version. The CIS version is 3.9.95478.509

Since I can’t perform an update, is this the latest version?

As you can tell, and is verified by my ability to update the database, I have no difficulty connecting to the Internet.


If I’ve posted in wth wrong section/forum, I’ll more than gladly repost to desired location.

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If I remember correctly Error 106 means there are no updates available. This is referring to the application (CIS) if you are using 509 you have the latest.

Thanks. I hope you are correct. The msg prompted me to immediately run a manual scan.

My strong receommendation to Comodo is to change this msg to reflect the true and accurate update state of CIS.

I realize you don’t work for Coimodo, I’m simply venting from having to go thru the extra time delays due to a misleadling message.


Not sure if it will be of help but Error 106 could be also caused by a non working proxy setting for Internet Explorer.


I use firefox and do not use a proxy.


It may as well be although the updater don’t use Firefox nor Firefox proxy setting but it can rely on Internet explorer proxy settings when CIS Miscellaneous\Settings\Proxy tab - Use http proxy is unchecked.

My logical mind does not grasp how having the setting “unchecked” can result in CIS using an IE setting where incidentally I do not use a proxy.


The updater usually rely on IE proxy setting and this is the reason the dialog mention that. (AV updates do not rely on IE proxy setting though)

CIS Miscellaneous\Settings\Proxy tab - Use http proxy can be used to set a proxy for CIS and this will affect both AV updates and the updater.

By confirming that there is no proxy setting in your IE configuration, logically there is no way the updater is affected by a proxy misconfiguration.

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