Error 106 on COMODO Internet Security 3.8 [locked]

Hi! I tried EVERYTHING suggested in this forum regarding this error and everything else I could think of, but the update service still doesn’t work. I literally tried EVERY rule and option regarding all relevant files mentioned in the forum and/or related to COMODO, but I still get an Error 106 message.
New solution needed, HELP! I’m relatively experienced with Windows, I usually manage to troubleshoot without help, but this is driving me nuts.
I run Win XP Pro on a 3Ghz P4 SP3, 1GB RAM, MSI Mainboard (875P I think), ATI 9600Pro 128MB, 2 HDDs.
Meanwhile there are no limitations left in the firewall, but it still doesn’t work. Internet Explorer 7 works fine.

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Error 106: Means that a firewall program is blocking the connection *OR* your Internet Explorer is in OFFLINE mode - run IE and CONNECT.

Question : Manual updating is working ?

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yo! W.ill O0
is it your issue with BOClean or CIS related? ???


I made a mistake in choosing the software my question was regarding, I don’t have BOclean, I have CIS in it’s newest version (3.8.x).
Another user helped me with troubleshooting, now the Virus Database Update works fine but the General CIS Update (“Miscellaneous”->“Check for Updates”) still return “error 106: check internet connection…”.
I am now discussing the issue in, if anyone has any helpful suggestions or experiences the same problem please refer to that link.


OK. then i’ll just lock this topic. :P0l
told ya red >:(

good luck Will :-TU