Error 106: Could not complete update process.

Dear Peeps and Peepettes!
Hello, I’m new to these forum question things, so please be gentle, a? :wink:
I’ve just recently changed from ZoneAlarm to Comodo as it seems to be getting rave reviews. I made sure ZA was completely removed before I installed Comodo. The install went well and all seemed to be working fine. That is until I tried to check for updates. I clicked on the ‘Updater’ icon, the ‘COMODO Firewall Pro Automatic Updater’ window opens, I click on ‘Start’ and all I get is: “Error 106: Could not complete update process.”
Any answers from out there? Or am I doing this wrong? Any tips or hints greatly appreciated.
Many regards,
The Cell ;D

Hi Brain Cell / The Cell: Welcome to the forum.

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The next update won’t be until version 3 is final, and even then I wouldn’t apply the updater it because it’ll a revolutionary update.