Error 0x80072EE2, what to do?

System used: Comodo anti-virus and firewall on Windows XP

In an update made from the tab “+”, the following message appears: “cmdagent.exe: error 0X80072 ee2”
What to check and correct for a normal course of updating?
Thank you in advance for your help. :-La ?

What version of CIS are you using? Are you trying to update the AV or the program its self?

Thank you for your reply.
To date :

  • version: 5.4.189822.1355
  • Virus database: 10303
  • updating of the antivirus (antivirus tab) is performed first
  • the message is displayed during the update tab “+ Internet security”

Do you get the message with the updating of the AV? That code indicates a network problem. The AV database at this time is 10306. Do you still have the problem?

- the message is displayed during the update tab "+ Internet security"
I am not sure what you mean here. Can you rephrase or show a screenshot?

To date:

  • Version: 5.4.189822.1355
  • Virus database: 10312
  • on tag “antivirus” : Updating database is performed first : no problem (10312 to day)
  • on tag “+ or plus in french version” / check update Internet security : the message “error 0X80072 ee2” stop the update

Thank you for your help

Thanks. I switched to the French user interface to see. It is the program updater that is giving the problem here.

Is the problem still happening? Did you recently make any changes yo your computer?

Try downloading a Comodo program from the Comodo pages. For example Comodo Dragon. The reason I am asking is that Comodo has been making big changes on their servers recently and that has lead to problems (that should be fixed); I want to see if that may be playing a role.


I have not made ​​any changes.
I solved the problem by uninstalling the program and installing the latest version loaded on the French site comodo.
It’s good now for updates, thank you for listening. :-TU
good day