Error: 0x80070002 While checking for program updates


When i check for updates i immidiately get the error
Error: 0x80070002 - Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden.

Since i have a dutch Windows it gives this error (System cannot find file)

no hint is given bout this missing file or path
I checked what CIS is trying to access using tge Process/ Monitor from Sysinterals, but no luck…
On my other pc the update installed without a problem. Same windows version
I even tried to uninstall and install a freshly downloaded CIS, but that did not resolve it

I saw some posts on the forum suggesting that this is temporary disabled by Comodo due to problems with the update

Please help me resolve this.;msg677307#msg677307


I also got the error
Error: 0x80070002 - The system cannot find the file specified.
when trying to update. But internet connection works fine as far as I can see (e.g. browsers work well).
Then I tried a fresh install using the latest file from But error remains (and network still works fine).

Version: 6.0.264710.2708 on Win8 x64 (newest file available on

I do not understand why you posted that link to another forum post. That post is related to internet conection problems that I do not experience.

Is there a fix for the update problem?

Best regards

To point you to the reason for the errors. You are getting the errors because Comodo pulled the update because of internet connection problems within the latest release. Not everyone is experiencing connection loss. They are working on a fix.