Error 02: Safelist Database Not Loaded

I have comodo AVS set to scan system daily. When it starts is comes up with error code shown in topic. Closing the message allows the scan to run. Most annoying as scan is timed to run when computer is not in use. (CWY)

Just to add my bit to yours, sorry for hijacking. I have the exact same problem, it’s been perfect for months on a scheduled scan, all of a sudden ‘can’t load safe list’ and hangs. As soon as I close the message, it will complete the scan, and yep, it is a pain as it’s set to scan when the PC is not in use.

I’m also surprised that you posted 10th Jan and have had no answers. :THNK



I’ll add my 2 cents worth as well. I have the same problem but it’s intermittent - never can tell when it will show up. What’s it all about? :-\