Come on, i may have been OT (maybe even against forum policies) somewhat, but…

that’s what Kyle wrote:

“Hello, You must be very carefull what you post as it’s read by users all around the world and may be considered offencive. Personally, I really don’t mind but some other most certainly will… You guys should delete your post\delete thread.”

And then the topic was closed…

What a nice welcome :slight_smile:

And, no @Kyle, thanks for the “warning”, but why should I delete my post?

I am not to be held responsible for the ANSWERS on a statement I made, or, are we all? Have we ever been?
If the statement of mine in itself was untrue, so it may be (that’s your decision). If it was true, it may have been off topic or even against forum policies (to react is the forum holder’s decision).
To cut truth, is man’s decision. (If he likes to do so, why would anyone want to hinder him?)

To drink beer is MY decision.

Cheers, the REBOL :slight_smile:

Stay clean.
And beware of mankind :slight_smile:


It’s really good to have you back mate! Do you mind PMing me the link to this post/thread? It’s better to handle this situation in PM’s with a Global Moderator. If it’s ok with you, You can lock this thread so we can handle this in an appropriate manner.


Hi Josh,

I think you’ll easily find the mentioned thread. (If not, I will give you the link, of course)

Anyway, thanks for your nice words:)
You know, it’s always good to be back home.
Now, you’re a friend o’mine.

Cheers, MorphOS

I’ll PM you & Lock this one. Thx