Epson Print Spooler Problems since installing Comodo firewall

Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes. Have just dropped ZoneAlarm & installed Comodo today. All seemed OK until I tried printing to my Epson 1290 tonight - the print spooler now keeps churning out DUMMY pages and the printer just spits out blank page after page. Deleting them from Print Manager only creates more - only stopping the spooler in Task Manager fixes it. Next print job off it goes again. Not something I’ve experienced before.

My HP Laserjet on parallel is fine - just the inkjet on USB. Any suggestions? O/S = XP Pro
Ta … Barrie

bjwills2, I’m using an epson 777i via USB and have installed Comodo Firewall 3 (if that is what you’re referring to) and I don’t experience this problem at all. I also used the same printer with version 2.4. I don’t know of anything that would cause this and haven’t read anything about it.

Maybe check the logs in the firewall to see if anything is coming up there or settings for that particular process in defense+.

Hope you can resolve this,