Eprompter Email Program: Problems Recognising When You Are Online.


I am using the latest, updated version of Comodo Firewall on Home XP SP2 with Eprompter email software and dial-up connections.

Over the past few months I have started to have more and more problems using Eprompter as it seems to not recognise that I am connected to the internet. At first, I found that shutting down Eprompter once and restarting it would solve the problem. My active internet connection was recognized and I was able to update my email. Over the past week I am starting to find that on Home XP Sp2 I suddenly am unable to use the program at all, even if I completely uninstall it and re-install it. I have tried manually adding the software to Comodo’s list of OK software, but this does not solve the problem.

The email accounts to which I am trying to connect (and have been able to in the past) are hotmail accounts.

Eprompter does not appear (appearances can be deceptive) to be the most advanced email software available. I purposefully chose a simple software for email because I didn’t want an overblown email software suite (such as Outlook Express) and was hoping, that at least in theory, simple could be safer and better. Oh well.

Also of note: I do not have this problem with Eprompter installed on systems operating XP Pro Sp1.

I would like to know if any other users of Comodo Firewall might be using this software successfully or unsuccessfully (of late) and if they are experiencing simular problems.
Solutions to this problem are of course welcome as well.

H K Kitty

P.S. Software geniuses at Comodo… Thank you for the continuing protection!

I put in a little more work on this one and decided to switch Eprompter to the setting “Always On Line” (To recall: I am still using a dail-up service). I was immediately able to connect to hotmail to update my email accounts with Eprompter, and this in my mind eliminates Comodo Firewall as interfering in anyway with the operation of the Eprompter email program.

So in terms of where the problem I was experiencing was coming from on my systems operating with Home XP Sp2 with dial-up and Eprompter not being able to detect an internet connection, I would put the most recent updates from Microsoft to that operating system at the top of the list in terms of compatibility problems. If I am correct this probably throws the ball back into Eprompter’s court to solve this incompatibilty, or gosh… back to Microsoft? (I have no idea as to whether they would be interested in this.)

Of course… there may be something quirky in the personal set-up of my system if other people haven’t experienced this connection defect.

I am thinking that I cannot be the only dial-up user left on the internet?

Anyway, conclusion for me, This Is Not A Comodo Compatibility Problem.

H K Kitty

G’day herekittykitty
There’s a great deal of satisfaction to nut out the solution to a problem yourself, glad you found the cause.
No I don’t think your the only person still on dialup.

Best of luck