Entire list of Computer Defense Policy went missing

During the purging of uninstalled program at Defense+, Comodo Security Suite suddenly crashed and closed itself. When I ran the suite back, entire list of defense+ policy was missing and must be added in again. If I recall correctly, a default policy for windows updater or equivalent were supposed to be in the list. Any idea on how to restore the default policy for windows processes?

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Welcome to the forum Digitama :slight_smile:

The configuration files you need are in the Comodo Folder (Program Files) if you go to More or Miscellaneous depends on version of CIS / Manage My Configurations you can import them, then activated it to return to default settings.

You can also use Manage My configurations to export your current settings, so you have a backup once you have finished updating all your settings.


Thanks, it works.

Another way of solving it is running Windows System Restore. CIS stores its rules in the registry. So going back one or two days will give you back all your rules again. I did it two days ago when I lost the D+ rules when v5 RC2 crashed on me.