Ensuring security when uploading to Amazon S3

Good Morning:
I’ve wanted to do my backup activity off-site if possible. I’ve read a number of good articles and reviews of Amazon’s S3 off-site storage solution. The cost is very reasonable.

I initially sighed up with Jungle Disk, thinking it was the only available conduit to connect to S3. My mistake. I noticed that a sync program that I currently use (Allway Sync) has the capability to syncing to or from the S3 site. Unfortunately it can’t compress or encrypt, so it was not going to meet my needs.

I Googled and found a number of free backup programs what work with S3. However, after trying one called S3Backup, I was disappointed with a number of aspects of the program.

I then searched for a program that could map by S3 connection as a drive within Win Explorer that I could treat just like another drive. I found a program called S3Drive that has been around for a while, and the comments and reviews are very good. You can access the site at: http://www.suchwerk.net/sodcms_AMAZON_S3DRIVE.htm

My question has to do with ensuring a “secure” connection as my data is uploaded to the S3 site. I use Cobian Backup 9 and attempted to backup a few folders that were compressed, and password protected. The upload was slow (26-min for 78-MB of data). All went well until Cobian was doing its final check. The last 2 files failed there check. I tested the WinZip file and it confirmed that the final 2-files did not pass the test.

I’ve posted this matter with Cobian, hoping for some assistance with the backup portion of this matter. I’m posting of Comodo to inquire about ensuring security of data being transfered to and from the S3 site while using S3Drive.

Jungle Disk does encrypt data in its transmissions, and that’s great. What I don’t like about JD is that it’s file structure on backups is proprietary, and that “ties” you to a single service provider.

Thank you for any help and/or suggestions you can give me. -SA Jack

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the security, compression and encryption used is solely a matter between the application and the destination. Comodo doesn’t have anything to do with it, other than the firewall monitoring the connection.

Ewen :slight_smile: