Enough With The Scheduled Scan Resetting COMODO!!!

COMODO… for the LOVE of GOD… will you guys please stop doing program updates which for whatever reason resets all the scheduled scan settings users change? This alone makes me want to find another option for malware protection.

I get so tired of a CIS program update which, after installing and requiring a computer reboot, decides my 12:00 PM Saturday Full Scan using the cloud and HIGH heuristics is not good enough so it gets rid of that and changes it to Thursday and Sunday at 11:59 PM not using the cloud and LOW heuristics. Even Quick Scan reverts to its default settings.

It is not my responsibility (nor my clients) to constantly have to check (and change) settings whenever CIS does a program update. It is COMODO’s responsibility to see these settings have been changed and preserve them whenever a program update happens.

Even Microsoft Security Essentials remembers scheduled scan times and settings changed by the user whenever it updates its program.

+1000 :-TU

Yep Comodo definitely need to fix this. It is really annoying :-TD

By the way, this has already been reported as a bug. It would be helpful if everyone experiencing it could respond to the report and provide information about their computer, and that they are experiencing it as well.

The bug report can be found here.


Sorry guys. We will fix it asap.

Thank you very much. That’s great to hear. :BNC

egemen, what about file submission bug?

I hope. Thank you.

Thanks egemen.

You guys do more than just listen, thanks. :-TU

Thank you egemen. :-TU

why cant you just export the settings prior to updating?

Then when the program has updated just import the saved settings.


No offense man, but why should I or anyone else have to do that? The update should simply remember the previous settings. Anyway it is going to be fixed so I am happy.

none taken.
Hopefully it is going to be fixed soon.
Take care.

My COMODO Internet Security said there was an update available so I did the update and rebooted when prompted. It remembered my scheduled scan setting times. The only things it didn’t remember where the settings. For FULL SCAN, it didn’t leave “Use cloud while scanning” checked and Heuristics on HIGH. On QUICK SCAN, it didn’t leave Heuristics on HIGH.

Confirmed here as well, schedule was remembered (i.e not scheduled) however the settings were not remembered.

Another issue. On another computer where I did have FULL SCAN scheduled, it remember both the scheduled scan settings and times even for QUICK SCAN which is not scheduled.

The computer I reported the issue with has FULL SCAN not scheduled and displayed this issue as Sanya confirmed.

New update today. I installed and rebooted. All my settings were remembered for non-scheduled scans. Thanks for addressing this issue COMODO :slight_smile: