Enough of downloading-this thread is locked

(B) CFP (:CLP) is working great here too :smiley: thanks to one of the Admin that told to put it on Training Mode for 10 minutes or so :BNC (L)

another thing\bug… Defense+ events is clean. Nothing there even if Defence+ was active.

Excellent job, thanks guys.

Did a complete uninstall/clean install following the instructions in the forum and it ran like a dream, fired up again perfectly OK and now I finally have a clean system with no problems again. Network is detected and running, ICS running straight away and so far no problems at all. Only thing I noted yesterday was over 1000 intrusion attempts detected in the firewall, although I suspect these are only svchost running various programs as the log has detected no problems, I’ve got it set on default settings, Train with Safe Mode and Clean PC mode with nothing else changed from install (I’m a firewall novice so don’t want to wreck my security!) and it is running perfectly, certainly a lot faster than it did before, and my main problem (ICS) is definitely fixed, fantastic, and it’s FREE!!!

Well done and keep up the good work

not to rain on the parade…

Whooops …

I just had a violent crash of the new CFP on one pc.

I was trying to define a trusted application when CFP crashed. It took out the entire XP desktop. After rebooting the PC I had the "stuck at the desktop’ problem. It loaded the desktop and then completely froze.

I had to boot into safe mode and uninstal CFP.

But even after uninstalling CFP the PC froze after login.

I then had to go into safe mode again and had to use systemrestore to get the computer back.

This is what the event viewer had to say about it:

(sorry non english pc here…)

Type gebeurtenis: Fout
Bron van gebeurtenis: Application Error
Categorie van gebeurtenis: Geen
Gebeurtenis-ID: 1000
Datum: 14-12-2007
Tijd: 12:21:37
Gebruiker: n.v.t.
Computer: PC
Vastgelopen toepassing: cfp.exe, versie:, vastgelopen module: , versie:, vastgelopen op: 0x00000000.

Zie Help en ondersteuning op Microsoft Support voor meer informatie.
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail
0010: 75 72 65 20 20 63 66 70 ure cfp
0018: 2e 65 78 65 20 31 2e 30 .exe 1.0
0020: 2e 30 2e 31 20 69 6e 20 .0.1 in
0028: 20 30 2e 30 2e 30 2e 30
0030: 20 61 74 20 6f 66 66 73 at offs
0038: 65 74 20 30 30 30 30 30 et 00000
0040: 30 30 30 0d 0a 000…

Computer : PENTIUM D 2.8 Ghz, 2 GB ram, 250 GB WD HDD

Running : WIN XP MCE, Avast, Sandboxie.

Yesterday I applied all critical MS updates. ( realtime AVAST and CFP were shutdown while updating)

On this PC I am back to ver. 2.4. Hope that the new version becomes stable enough so that I can try it again.

My biggest problem now is that I do like the new CFP. It is a powerfull product.
But I think because it is so complicated there could be loads of potential errors and conflicts.

I can recover from those errors crashes etc… but some people might not …

So… this prevents me from recomending / installing the new comodo on other peoples computers. I am staying with ver. 2.4 ATM.

@ all developers of CFP : If you need any more info on this I am Glad to help If i can that is.

greetings, (:WAV)


Chuk, did you use the patch, let Comodo uninstall the previous version or do a clean install?

What I did was this :

I let comodo uninstall. I used the uninstaller

After the reboot everything was fine. Every trace of CFP was gone. Windows firewall was turned back on automatikally and windows firewall was reported as running in security center. Perfect.

Then I installed the latest CFP v3. Everything went smoothly. No problems so far.
After the second reboot the latest CFP v3 was running very nicely. No problems. Windows security center reported that the latest CFP v3 was running.

Then I trained CFP for about an hour, using every App I normally use. (Just some MS Office, Opera stuff etc…nothing fancy…)

It ran fine. Later I downloaded all critical updates from MS UPDATE. I did this with AVAST and CFP turned off. ( I did also apply all the new SPacks for .NET)

Rebooted and turned everything back on and again no problems !

Then I tried to define a trusted application, I clicked on the link and BAM ! game over …

Then I had to recover.



Seems like you did everything correct, except for maybe turning off AV and CFP during Windows updates. Any special reason for this?

PS Avast seems to be a common theme with many CFP problems.

I do this to prevent potential risk of File corruption or a bad install.

For example defense +, realtime AV, or some other security software is designed to prevent some installs …

So to make sure that everything downloads and installs correctly, I always turn of my defences.

I am behind a ZyWALL gateway so that will have to be enough during OS updates.

Also there are no errors in the event viewer on this pc. Every program is working hand in hand.

Up until this first ! crash now…


chuk (:WAV)

Perhaps an interesting info:

I blocked some programs with defense + when it asked me to allow or block.

Then I tried to define a trusted app. I have the feeling that IF a program agressively tries to do something or takes resources, CFP crashes.

But this is just my feeling !!! There is NO evidence confirming this…


Been a little busy lately so I have not had a chance to install the .276 version.

But since my must have issue regards ICS, that means I have more than one computer and I have to get both computers updated to the .276 version.

So a question then is implied. Which one to update first----host or client computer. Or does the order matter?

Better to do the host first. So you can enable ICS. Remember when new network alert comes to allow sharing (tick box).

I finally passed the leaktest! It took downgrading NOD32 from 3.0 to 2.7 to do it!


Billy77, Just thought I would try to answer your question regarding the Outpost f/w. Have you gone into the jv16 reg tool & used the registry finder module. If not enter Outpost & Agnitium both & remove them both. I had the same issue first deleted Outpost & got the error message did some research next put Agnitium(I guess Outpost parent co?) in the registry finder & removed that seemed to do the trick.

Good luck, g3b

@ Hikertrash

I finally passed the leaktest! It took downgrading NOD32 from 3.0 to 2.7 to do it!

Whaaat ? ??? IMHO CFP is designed to protect you ! Not to have you downgrade your antivirus to make it work.

I would never ever have done that!

I mean, this is clearly a comodo problem. It has to be sorted out properly ! And it will be sorted out by the developers. But it takes time.

As I said earlyer, the nature of software is that it crashes once in a wile and sometimes it has compatibility issues etc… That is completely normal. It is a brand new product. These issues will be resolved after a wile.

But adressing compatibility issues by using an older product to make a newer product work properly does not make sense IMHO

especially not with security software

I have two computers. On one pc I am using CFP v3 and on the other I am using CFP v.2.4 because there are issues with v3.0. on that computer. v3 cannot protect me because it crashes.

So I am back to 2.4. (a rock solid superb firewall) I would not downgrade or uninstal my perfectly working av product if that would resolve the issue.

I give it some time and later I will definately try v3 on that pc again.

just my 2c…



This version still the same…

Even though some of the bugs majority fixed some still existed

Example the slow reboot and shutting down of computer

On Windows vista 32bit

currently I do not see the reason why it happen…

I tried disabling the update links , and also Defense + protected registry which says able to improve the shutting down.

It takes like 1 - 2 mins to shutdown the computer fully as compared to the previous version which takes like 45s - 1 min. Without comodo it takes just 5seconds to shutdown the computer.

I not sure if this helps the comodo team…

With all due respect chuk, there’s quite a few posters on the Wilders forum that aren’t too pleased the way Eset changed NOD32 in the latest version. There’s a lengthy thread basically stating v3 makes many software firewall useless.

So who should make there software to work with others? Eset now has their own security suite with firewall. I assume it passes the leaktest, but I’m not willing to spend another $30 a year to find out.

You downgraded your firewall to make your system work, I downgraded my AV. NOD32 v2.7 is still a a great product and many like it better than the newer version. However, once my subscription expires I’ll be looking at Avast, AntiVir or CAV’s.

PS CFP 2.4 would not pass the leaktest either with NOD v3


You downgraded your firewall to make your system work

Yes. I changed the problematic application to a stable version which is robust enough.

...basically stating v3 makes many software firewall useless.

Well that makes a great leaktest then… (:LGH)

So now I have to downgrade my AV so that it does not make my firewall useless… HUH What ???

I am seeing this from a different angle.

A firewall has to be intelligent / robust etc. enough (whatever you want to call it…) to handle these problems.

Suppose you download malware. It won’t be gentle to your firewall. IT will definately try to make the firewall useless.

You see we are talking about security software

If it is so easy to circumvent the firewall software (by installing a certain AV), it defeats the purpose of having a this SW firewall.

If I would have to develop a SW firewall I would have to make sure that the strange changes to an AV product does not kill my FW. Because my firewall has to protect. “this is what is was developed for…”

This is not easy I know that (working on these kind of things dayly…) so therefore it takes a wile.

PS CFP 2.4 would not pass the leaktest either with NOD v3

Ok could be. Loads of other firewalls (according to wilders thread)
have also got this problem. Like i said, it is like a leaktest hehe… (:LGH)

again just my 2c…


Ps : For now I think that v2.4 is a great FW because for me it is robust enough, rock solid/stable, and passes (most) leaktests.

chuk, you’re still missing the point. Eset made NOD32 3.0 incompatible with software firewalls, but it will work with their own firewall.

NOD 2.7 is not less of a product, it’s been one of the top AV’s for years, it just works differently than v3.0. I only upgraded to v 3 because it was there, but if it makes my firewall leak, I have one of two choices, buy the Eset Security Suite, or stick with the version that has worked for years and choose the firewall of my choice.

Ive been using NOD32 for a few years now, the latest version being 2.7. I did not even know they had a new version 3 available and that it is causing problems with firewalls. So thank you for noting the issues it has since now I know that I need to avoid version 3 like the plague. This forum saved me a lot of wasted time finding that out for myself! Maybe Eset will update it eventually so that it is compatible with Comodo and other firewalls.


Regretfully, I have to inform that, in my case, the problem reported in this post is still present with the new version. Namely, “The Defense+ is not Functioning properly” error message.

Not only that, but the app (or at least the GUI) seems to run slower, taking a noticeable amount of time to “draw” the CFP3 GUI and the pop-ups. That never happened with the first issue of v3.

I’ll have to uninstall (again) v3 and reinstall (yet again) v2. I think I’ve gone through that process almost ten times since the debut of v3. :o

I’ll wait till the next version after this (3.5 or 4) before I try this again in my main PC.



Update: gave it one more shot, following the “Comprehensive Instructions for Completely Removing Comodo Firewall Pro,” and excluding CFP3 within WindowBlinds (since I read that could be the source of the slowly-drawn GUI). No change: Defense+ was STILL non-functional (the app reported there was nothing wrong with the installation, as always), and the GUI remained just as slow even after excluding it in Windowblinds. (:SAD) Pity.