Enough is enough!

I’ve finally had it with the firewall 2.4 and CAVS. For 4 months I’ve trialled them but cannot abide the repetitive problems, namely the e-mail blocking by CAVS and flakiness and inability to uninstall Firewall Pro 2.4. I did get it uninstalled 2 months ago by using the script and tried V3 but could not instal it properly that is it would simply never open. Reverted to V2.4 but endless problems with loading at start up - would not open. Clicking the icon did not open it either. Constantly restoring the registry and or disk image to get it working. Then, could not uninstal no matter what. The zip file did not help and the script would not work and the uninstaller would not work. Tried removing CAVS first but all that did was cause a malfunction in the firewall.
In desperation I rolled the computer back with Acronis to Dec 7 when I had a clear system before any Comodo product. Now I use Zone alarm Pro and Avira plus Spyware Terminator. No conflicts no problems.

I think although it is free vastly more effort is required to get trouble free protection - too bad as I liked the ease of Firewall (when it worked). I don’t think I will be back.

I run XP Pro Pentium D950 1GB Ram

Sorry to hear that you aren’t satisfied with Comodo Firewall 2 and 3 as well as CAVS. Did you post your program issues in this forum for help?

Some of the problems you may have experienced with Comodo Firewall may be down to CPF’s Uninstaller on some machines, leaves a couple of directories on your harddrive containing settings from the previous version you had installed. By simply searching your computer for anything named Comodo and removing those directories/files this would have solved your reinstallation issues.

There are a number of different installation options with CPF including i.e installing with limited Defense+ only with leak protection which would reduce the number of Defense+ popups etc. You can also put CPF in training mode to learn your system without prompting you with Popups Etc.

CAVS has been in Beta for some time now and there is plans to release CAVS 3 beta in the coming month or two with a full release estimated by the Autumn.

At any rate, if you had posted your questions in here, I’m confident we would have been able to resolve any issues you’ve had.


Well I actually didn’t post for assistance as looking at other threads all my problems were experienced by others, some resolved too but nothing worked for me and there were many suggestions which I tried. Only success on the firewall was that first time two months ago on the uninstal with the script assistance. This time Regscanner showed some 100 plus entries to delete and that was too many to attempt and try to reinstall, besides, the unuinstallation problem was likely to rear it’s ugly head again in the future. I am aware CAVS is beta and CAVS3 will be out before long but honestly, I had less real trouble with beta CAVS than with the firewall. I would have left the firewall on too if it wasn’t so flakey.

Flakey is an odd term to describe a firewall but at least in the meantime you have found a solution that’s what you need and it works out for you.

Do please drop in from time to time. There are some exciting things coming up for Comodo.