Enough is enough! Time for accountability for the Desktop Security industry!

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Well done Melih - you’d make a good president but a lousy politician, as you’re too honest.


thanks Giraffe!


Even though you are too honest, and not a citizen of the US, I think you should run anyway. With the collection of politicians running for president here you probably would get some votes.

I agree with your position. Many people don’t really understand anything about computer security. They put their trust in software that they purchase, and it doesn’t work anyway. No wonder so many are miffed.

this should rattle some vender’s and just maybe they will follow in the foot steeps. I read some place before from a antispy expert that if we the consumers only knew what was said and the deal that was made with malweare makers and the like. That there most likely would be a revolution and a demand for true security but as it stand they both stand to make money from one another. to me that is just wrong! how could a company offer a product that was made to allow certain malweare and spywear run on your pc just to make money. and say it’s a very good product when they made deal with the very people they are telling the consumer they are protecting them from.

Very interesting, and I agree, enough is enough :-TU

well CIS has put its product where its mouth is . i’m finally convinced - always been an avira user myself but liked comodo f/w HIPS so v happy that CIS has made the av grade and more . No more false positives from early 3.8 release . No more weak 3.5 av .Now I feel confident - i’d put CIS up against ANY security I’ve tried and that’s most of the trials and all the free av applications . You’ve got a very satisfied user . Hats off to all of you at comodo - it’s all paying off . Nice to have some integrity in the world . Thanks for all your hard work - I’m staying with you . Cheers and all best wishes to you Melih and all your people . Keep on doing it . Peter in the UK . javascript:void(0);

Thank you Peter! Much appreciate the support. It means a lot to us!