Enhancing Comodo’s white list database

Just a suggestion. Comodo may want to consider partnering with Secunia to integrate Secunia’s File Signature Identification into CFP. See http://corporate.secunia.com/security_vendors/32/File_signature_vulnerability_intelligence/ for more details.
Secunia File Signatures engine is use in Secunia Personal Software Inspector to detect software vulnerabilities on a system. See https://psi.secunia.com/ for details. With the new File Signatures engine, additional feature can be included into CPF.
New feature:
When CPF scan the system, it will generate white list for known and up-to-date program, red list for known but vulnerable software and gray list for unknown programs with option to submit to comodo.
Under the red list, each entry will have a link to Secunia’s advisories for details of the software vulnerabilities(Similar to PSI).
This feature will give user a greater overall protection on their system.