Enhancement requests to firewall

I notice that when installing a program and I put firewall to “Installation mode”, that the installation program now has complete and utter access to the internet.

The alternative is not to put installer on installation mode, and suffer through about 50 popup windows from CIS alerting me to the installation trying to create this and that file/folder.

My request: allow check box to disable internet access for that installation, while allowing CIS to be in installation mode to bypass the popup boxes.

You may ask why I care whether the installation is contacting a site on the internet - I dont trust all programs I download and try, especially shareware programs.

This makes perfect sense to me.

Unless an updater is the type that has to download more content (An online updater) or is going to try to get updates to definitions as is often the case with AV or other security software, it really has no reason accessing the internet.

Hmmm no comments from the Comodo guys. That isnt good :THNK

When I run and installer, and have placed CIS into installation mode, if the installer wishes Internet access I usually receive a popup asking if I will allow it or not.

I think some installers also verify digital signatures online. But yeah, I’m a bit vary of installers trying to access the Internet, unless they clearly state why.

In my opinion, Installation mode shouldn’t grant applications free access to the Net.

I’ll try to verify that - I have never seen a popup once it is in installation mode.

I don’t know which settings you have to your network defense. But normally the defense+ installation mode has nothing to do with the network defense.
I always got a popup, if an installer wanted to connect to the internet.

AFAIK COMODO Firewall & Defense+ are independent one from the other, besides you can put the Firewall in ‘Block All Mode’ and Def+ on ‘Installation Mode’ before going to execute the installer.

I wasn’t aware the firewall had a “installation” mode. D+ goes into install mode and the firewall is left running as is, unless you tell it otherwise.