[Enhancement] Delete some garbage code. Cut the all RLZ code please!

I’d like to ask about some feature…
Delete the all RLZ code please!

yes, I know that it’s just switched off now … but it’s not enough … there’re may be hidden apis(((
And for the security reasons - great to delete all RLZ code from the CD !!!

On what source(s) are you basing that RLZ code is not fully disabled?

in Chromium bug’s forum was the one that described that chromium not fully silent to report some info data to some servers… and it was closed - it was about a year ago…

but anyway it would be great if ALL RLZ code (it’s imho in one module code) be deleted from CD !

No, not anyway… could you please provide the source or link to that Chromium bug forum that describes RLZ reporting or “some info data” reporting not fully silent?

Dragon removed all RLZ code as described in its release topic

REMOVED RLZ-Tracking capability.
RLZ-Tracking is a Chrome’s feature which informs Google about when and where the browser has been downloaded. This capability has been removed in Dragon. This has been done to protect user privacy

I saw only notice “removed RLZ-Tracking capability” …
… but are you clearly sure about removing ALL RLZ code module from Chromium sources ?

As far as I know RLZ is removed. I don’t know what source is worrying you. Can you provide us with a link?

I asked because usually(in other builds) RLZ is just made “switched off” … but the code is being present ((( ,
So would be great to hear from person who coded CD about that a bit!!!

I’m telling this because I’m really afraid that there are may be some API in that RLZ code, what I wouldn’t like to see in CD, and all of you I hope either…
(API as you know may do some response on some requests…)

With that I know that RLZ is module code, so it may be cut easily …

Since the code is open source, I’m pretty sure somebody would have spoken up by now if being “switched off” wasn’t good enough.

I guess a bigger question is, (I haven’t read the license…) does the Chromium open source license allow sections of code to be removed, instead of simply disabled?

Can you point us to the source with a url where we can read about this?

I don’t think he’s accusing comodo of leaving the code in there so there isn’t a link to provide. I think he just wants to know if the code is completely removed. if you meant for him to provide a link regarding his knowledge of rlz then disregard my response

D555 is referring to a post at the Chromium bug report forum that has him worried. It would be interesting to learn what was reported there.