Enhanced Protection Mode

In a discussion on this feature of D+ (while running “proactive security”) there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not this should be selected/enabled or not on x86 32 bit systems. (XP Pro SP3 n my own case.)

Can some of the experts chime in as to whether I should deselect this option and reboot or leave as is?

I do want Proactive Security and I thought that EPM was enabled upon electing proactive security the first time I did so (following a required reboot). (I don’t recall changing any default setting on my own in regard to this feature.)

Thanks in advance.

Enhanced Protection Mode only works on x64 (64bit) systems, it does nothing on x86 (32bit) systems and is not needed anyway. Here’s what CIS’s Help says about it…

Enable [i]enhanced protection mode[/i] (Requires a system restart) - On 64 bit systems, enabling this mode will activate additional host intrusion prevention techniques in Defense+ to countermeasure extremely sophisticated malware that tries to bypass regular countermeasures. Because of limitations in Windows 7 x64, some HIPS functions in previous versions of CIS could theoretically be bypassed by malware. Enhanced Protection Mode implements several patent-pending ways to improve HIPS in Defense+. (Default=Disabled)

Thank you for your reply, kail.