Enhanced protection mode

Hi. Any likelihood of conflict with EMET 2 if I also enable this new gizmo in Defense +? Got a blue screen when i first installed 5.8 but only the once. Loathe to mess things up with overkill. What does this ‘enabled protection’ do in, er, layman’s terms. :-\

Enabled Protection is aimed at 64-bit systems, to make it as secure as 32-bit, this is still new and being observed/tested, so people are adviced to turn it off and report bugs if conflicts… have it on myself and no problems at all.

Hooks… something to do with that, sorry not bothered to research the in-depth reply you seek. ;D

Thanks for response. Will keep an eye on what folk are saying about this option. Cheers :-TU

I have EMET installed and I haven’t had any problems/conflicts…fyi

Turned enhance protection on…no visible signs of distress ;D

Nice to know, thank you for keeping us all updated (including Comodo as they read too!) on this. Hopefully this is only just the start of it, because am sure in future versions it will be even more slimmer/effective at same time. Because it does take up a little more RAM even though nothing too major.