Enhanced Protection Mode + VT Causes Nvidia Driver Installations to Fail [M1778]

1: CIS version:

2: OS version:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit Build 1511 (fully updated, official final non-Insider updates only)

3: What you did:
Tried to install NVIDIA ForceWare 362.00 64bit WHQL drivers over old version of ForceWare drivers (like always) for my GeForce GTX 980.

4: What you actually saw:
Installation went as usual, screen flashed as if drivers got updated and then installer says driver install failed.

5: What you expected to happen or see:
Driver should install over old one and update it automatically. It always has before I’ve switched to CIS. I have then uninstalled CIS and used Windows Defender instead and installation went through without problems. The exact same thing happened one version back and even disabling ALL CIS modules (AV, FW and Sandbox) didn’t fix this. Only uninstallation of CIS did.
Comodo didn’t spawn any popups or warnings and nothing appeared on “Unrecognized” files list, meaning nothing was blocked officially, but instead something within CIS is blocking NVIDIA drivers from installing correctly. Tried also using default CIS configuration with same results. I am now on Windows Defender because this is really annoying.

6: If possible attach a screenshot illustrating the GUI problem

So it is comodo? I got used to uninstalling drivers manually beforehand and then reinstalling them back up because of this thing, but i never tried doing so without comodo, so i did not know it was comodo’s doing. As you said there are no warnings and no log hits.

Not sure if this helps or not: Same OS/build & drivers installed with no issue. However, by habit, I had disabled Comodo’s AV prior to the NVIDIA installation.

The Windows builds don’t have this issue.
This was discussed on here earlier.
I couldn’t find the post confirming this, though.

With the recent Insider builds, I have not had any issues installing Nvidia drivers even with CIS on FULL :slight_smile:

Try to disable ‘File source tracking’. #

Just disabling it did nothing. After I’ve uninstalled it, installation went through without a problem.

From my understanding, source tracking is independent of mentioned settings. It is unclear if you have tried to disable ‘File source tracking’. :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same problem, but im using win 7 x64 tested on 2 diferent pc

my topic:

its not only nvidia, happens with others programs installations / updates too. It does not show anywhere in comodo that is blocking.

Comodo CIS v.
Windows 10 Pro x64 - Windows 7 Pro x64
Personally I uninstall the old driver from the configuration panel Add / Remove Programs, and then installs the new.
After downloading the Nvidia site.
No prob

If you are experiencing issues installing Nvidia drivers with CIS, just exit CIS from the hidden icons (tool tray) on the lower right of your
task bar.
Once Nvidia drivers are installed, simply run (double click) CIS again and your security will be restored.

Sorry, but that’s not a solution. It should NOT block things especially if NO popups appear.

You have CIS most recent installed, yes?
And, you are running Windows 10?
This is a MS issue that was resolved at a specific Insider release version.

You really need to learn how to search and read.
This issue was discussed on here and resolved.

It was not “resolved” if it’s still happening with bloody LATEST CIS version.

This is the version I’m using:

It’s the latest I know. So, please do tell me how it was “fixed” or “resolved”.

Windows 10 PC Pro
For this I disable CIS v.
I just upgrade NVIDIA v.362
Update Nvidia Ok
PC restart
CIS start Ok
nb:(I am French)

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The resolve you request, as I stated, is a MS (read: MicroSoft) issue. Not Comodo.
If you are not on the Inside Fast Track, you have to wait for the next general release from MS.
You were given a workaround, and the resolve (fix) for this issue.
Stop blaming Comodo for all your petty woes!!!

And word of warning right now.
You come on here bashing again after you have been informed of the resolve for this or any issue, I will immediately post ban you and any other for a period of no less than 2 weeks!
Now change your attitude!

And note, For the 3rd straight time, I just updated my Nvidia drivers with NO issues, and CIS still running.

Nice, threatening users with a ban again. Is that all you people know to do around here? You’re just saying “insider builds”. How in bloody hell am I suppose to know or understand what the hell you’re talking about on normal non-insider build? Jesus.

Please attach a diagnostics report and your configuration.

Many thanks.

If it is not an insider build, you will have to wait for the next official update from MS.
Issue resolved.

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