Enhanced Protection Mode (HIPS) breaks HWMonitor [M1543]

Are you sure you have Enhanced Protection Mode turned on? Yours seems to be the only one that IS working. BTW. As mentioned, it’s also broken (again) on Windows 8.1 so this has nothing to do with Windows 10.

I don’t believe that’s an acceptable response. You have at least two completely independent users telling you that it’s broken. I’m running CIS and it’s not fixed.

Enhanced Protection Mode is ENABLED.

I’ve installed windows 10 in a normal way, on a phisical hard disk but I can confirm that this issue is not resolved…

Something most unexpected, and unusual just happened. I downloaded and installed HWInfo (http://www.hwinfo.com/) and it reported on the temperature of all four cores. SO I fired up HWMonitor and it is now also reporting on the temperature of all four cores. I know for certain that it was only providing a single CPU temperature before installing HWInfo because I used HWMonitor to check.

I’m wondering whether HWInfo has started some sensors that HWMonitor did not? Certainly something unusual happened after HWInfo installation. The fact now is that HWMonitor does report on all four cores again, so it can’t simply be a CIS issue.

My apologies to Comodo for blaming CIS, though what was a the real cause of the HWMonitor problem is still a mystery.

I have reading on all 4 cores, not one, and the issues have been between HW Monitor and Windows 10.
Never has it been CIS
People get that thru your head.

Again? Really? This is absolutely NOT the way to talk to people. Frankly I’m appalled and disgusted that someone who is apparently a ‘Global Moderator’ thinks that this is acceptable.

The issue, when I had it, appeared only when CIS enhanced protection mode was turned on and disappeared when enhanced protection mode was turned off. Assuming it was a CIS issue was therefore perfectly reasonable, especially as I’ve had exactly the same issue on both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

I have no idea why it was the apparent install of HWInfo that caused HWMonitor to report on all four cores (or even whether it was). I fully accept that it’s always reported on all four cores for you, but you should be aware that computers are different with different hardware and different software mixes. It was thus perfectly possible for it to have been CIS, but for it not to have been an issue for you.

The whole point of these fora is to help. How much do you imagine this post of yours has helped?

I have never had a problem with CIS and HW Monitor. Windows 10 has, and acknowledged it. This was resolved with updates of both HW Monitor and Windows 10. I am running HW Monitor v 1.28.0 Current Windows build 14332
My settings for CIS has never changed, and I get all 4 cores reading properly, all 8 threads showing as they should.
You could and should consider, since everyone does have different setups/configurations, that some other program(s) when used with CIS is causing interference.
My only security on my system is CIS. All Windows built-in security is disabled, and Proactive is my preferred configuration. GeekBuddy completely removed.
Blaming CIS for every issue experienced on a computer is, in my view, ignorant of everything else one has running on his/her system.
And I maintain this point of view.

Maybe you are the only lucky man that have not this issue. Me, ubuysa and other people in other forums have this problem, and I’m agree with you that is an issue concerning hwmonitor and windows 10 but only if I have enhanced protection enabled, and when I was on windows 7 I had the same version for both programs and enhanced protection enabled with no problems…so the program you said taht cause interference with CIS…is CIS!

Thanks for the reply John. I don;t think those of us who were complaining were doing a knee-■■■■ “it must be CIS” response. As I mentioned the problem appears and disappears with the Enhanced Protection Mode setting in CIS so it’s understandable why we have assumed (perhaps wrongly) that CIS is the cause.

Windows 10 is not an issue here. I had the issue on Windows 10 and later reinstalled Windows 8.1 (though not for this reason). I also had the issue on Windows 8.1 as I have already mentioned.

Clearly, at least in my case, CIS is not the issue because the installation of HWInfo seems to have caused HWMonitor to start working properly. I’d be very interested to hear whether others experience the same thing.

I fully understand John that you are a big CIS supporter, as it happens so am I. But I’m not so blinkered as to believe that CIS can never be wrong, the bug list is proof of that. I appreciate that you have never had an issue, I also fully understand that the software mix on our computers may well have an impact (I’ve been in this business for a very long time). It would be very helpful if you could help those still having problems discover why they’re having problems using your working system as a baseline to compare with.

That would be much more in the spirit of cooperation that I hope underpins these fora than your veiled (and sometimes not so veiled) insults towards anyone who dares to suggest that CIS might have a problem.