Enhanced protection mode doing weird things to CPU specs...

If I enable Enhanced Protection in CIS 8.2, CPU-Z is displaying some really weird info about my CPU.

Look at NORMAL.png and BLOCKED.png images.

On NORMAL, all CPU info is displayed correctly, 6 cores, 12 threads and all caches info. But on BLOCKED, after enabling Enhanced protection, bunch of info is missing, apps seem to think I only have a single core with 12 threads, AVX2 instrcutions are gone from the list, hell even CPU name changed! What on Earth is happening when you enable that mode? I don’t think this should be happening.

Any explanation or info on this?

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See https://forums.comodo.com/format-verified-issue-reports-cis/enhanced-protection-mode-hips-breaks-hwmonitor-m1543-t112692.0.html

If it breaks these apps, god knows what it does to other applications that need to read CPU info, supported instructions, cache levels, number of cores. This is just bizarre.

If you look at my bug report you’ll see that another user believes this to be a Windows 10 problem. He says that a new Windows update (he’s on the fast-ring) states that these programs are not supported. I’m waiting for that update to arrive before commenting further.

I know this was a CIS problem in Windows 8.1 because I submitted a bug report and the devs subsequently fixed it. I’ll see what happens with this next Windows update, I’m keeping my powder dry until then.

Well, I’m on a regular stable Win10 release branch.