Enhanced protection mode & CPU-Z?

I found that when “Enable enhanced protection mode” chosen, CPU-Z and some other CPU info software (like AIDA64’s CPUBenchmark) can’t detect CPU’s specification correctly.
Just as the pic attached shows, its name, cache, core number is all wrong.
Such condition occurs in Windows 7, 8.x and 10.
Is this a bug or a technical limitation?

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See my bug report https://forums.comodo.com/format-verified-issue-reports-cis/enhanced-protection-mode-hips-breaks-hwmonitor-m1543-t112692.0.html.

Mine displays properly.

Well, there are two separate users with the same problem so there’s clearly something amiss.

I have problem with AIDA64. Some benchmark is not working and sensors show only two cores instead of four. RealTemp same problem.
I tried add these programs to exclusions everywhere I can and reboot. Nothing is working.
It si interesting that at my Win8.1 32bit Tablet Acer W4-820 everything is working. But my PC and notebook with Win8.1 64bit not.
I thing that this is proof of real problem.

As far as HWMonitor goes I bit the bullet and upgraded to the pro version. That works perfectly even though the free version does not…