Enhanced Protection Mode[Answered]

I have a Windows 7 64-bit system.

I heard that Comodo is less secure on 64-bit versions , but that is solved with Comodo 5.8 right ?

Now , why is enhanced protection mode still there ?

Does it still give me more protection as a 64-bit user in a way ?

Do you recommend me using it as a 64-bit user , even if i have Comodo 5.8 ?

And i see it takes up more RAM and CPU then usual , is that normal ?

enhanced protection mode is the extra protection for 64 bit operating systems. you only get the extra protection when that option is enabled. i think comodo made it an option (can be enabled or disabled) so it can help fix bugs.

if you are seeing any performance drops you can file a bug report here

the RAM and CPU dropped already i think it was just for a short time.

but what u mean bugs , what kind of bugs ?

i mean if 5.8 fixed it , that Comodo is not secure on 64-bit , why is it still there

the enhanced protection mode is new technology that comodo has developed to protect 64 bit operating systems. like with any new technologies there will be bugs. to help comodo identify if the new protection mode is the cause of the problem they put the option to disable it. im sure once comodo feels the new protection mode is stable they will integrate it completely into the 64 bit version of cis and remove the option to disable it

ok ty , so enabling it is only good for me right

yes it gives you the extra protection on 64 bit operating systems. it shouldnt have any affect on 32 bit

ok thanks :wink:

no problem :slight_smile:

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