Enhanced Log Viewer

Dear Comodo Claus,

I wish for an enhanced Log Viewer.


A quicker way of gaining access to the Log Viewer - currently it can take up to 5 clicks to get to the full log (double-click to open comodo, 1 click to access antivirus/firewall/defense+ sections, 1 to click View x Events, 1 to click “…More”.

Once I’m there I would like to have quick and multiple ways to filter my log: Columns that are sortable up and down by clicking the column header and the ability to apply multiple filters at once.

Rather than a series of menus, a toolbar would provide easier access to these filtering options.

Anyone who used the old Kerio Firewall may remember a program called TinyLogger - a very useful little tool - TinyLogger for Kerio/Tiny Personal Firewall – Eskapism. Download it and run it (don’t worry about not having a log) and my above wishes will all start to make sense.



Agree. In addition to sorting the columns, would like to be able to drag the column positions/widths and have them remembered.


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