enhanced call and text blocking with redirection

my anytime minutes don’t start till 9 but my wife has unlimited minutes period. it would be nice to have all calls redirect to her phone until 9 or import my contacts to a list and then select such contacts will have their call redirected to my wifes phone and select an option for any number not in my contacts to be redirected to my wifes phone until 9 in top of the personal list option. also be able to select which days this applies to. so be able to configure specific dates, days and times and what people in contacts it applies to, specific numbers not in contacts and or all people not in contacts and any combination. implement call blocking and sms redirecting blocking the same way. also be able to tell cms that text with certain words or from certian people to automatically be put in private space as they’re recieved

If your phone is similar to mine it has a call forwarding option in the settings.
Settings/Call/Call Forwarding/Voice Calls.