Enhance Disinfection/Repair System

COMODO Internet Security Provides a very good protection against known and (probably) unknown malware and I like it very much. It has a very good detection rate against viruses but it cannot fix the damage that the malware has done.

For example, when I was infected by the Windows Sality Virus. I was unable to run most of .exe files including a lot of softwares that I installed in my computer. When I looked at the AV, I found out that a user disabled it and inserted an infected media card so that he could manage the songs in his iPod! (WHAT AN IDIOTIC ACT!)
At least he felt sorry for it.

When I ran a full system scan, the AV detected 100+ file infections. At the results window, I thought that pressing “DISINFECT” would clean the files but it deleted them permanently. It took me 5 hours to download and reinstall the files that I lost and it was really annoying. Even COMODO’s files were infected and removed.

I had the similar infection of the SALITY virus when I was still using AVIRA ANTIVIR FREE and was also disabled accidentally and found 100+ infections. When I clicked “REPAIR” all the files were properly disinfected and went functioning back to normal. Things that won’t be repaired were sent to the QUARANTINE FOLDER for further reviews.

If COMODO had that “repairing” ability like Avira, AVG, MalwareBytes and other AVs, it will really become the most competitive FREE VERSION Antivirus ever built!

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please let me know what you thing about this guys

well avira have a good quality with repering. not too good it’s in avg. but the others ? letm e say it’s not working. avira can repair some stuff, but other’s like kaspersky not.

does this mean that AVs are built to prevent?

how about cure?

what if a malware has bypassed security settings like the one that appears with a picture floating around the screen saying:


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All I can say is that Melih said that Comodo is working on significantly better disinfection. I would say stay tuned for upcoming releases.