Engine that powers legacy AntiVirus products? :)


Is CAV supported too?

I don’t get it.

I get it now. Many would disagree. But hey…


First, when I was reading the data in the link, I was like:
“what tha’!, its this website for serious? Ok, lets move on. There is people that do absolutely nothing”.

Then I returned to Melih’s post, and read the topic’s subject.


Thats a good one! :-TU
Le pegaste al clavo, Melih!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (:LGH) (:CLP)

At last…some people are getting the joke :slight_smile:

It is a very good one, Melih.

I have a slight problem with this software. Although it says it is Linux compatible, I don’t think I can extract to an ext4 partition. I suppose I can get around this by installing WINE though. That said, it is a well written piece of software and does what it says on the tin :). Currently installed on my works computer (windows 7) and doesn’t slow down performance.


Perhaps it would be interesting to see Comodo develop a product like this. What does everyone else think?

Then again, perhaps this is a particular area in which Comodo does not currently have the expertise to excel. :wink:

i dont think they could do it :smiley:

Sometime before 1998 maybe. :smiley:
Even then bigger things were probably already in the making.

That’s a good one Melih… it put a big smile on my face… :smiley:

I hope it is Windows 8 compatible.

And hopefully no issues with CIS 6.0 beta otherwise a patch is urgently needed.

Pffff Zzzzzzzzzz, i dont give a … about compatibilities anymore!

I formatted my hard drive, and installed only this product on it afterwards.
Now my computer is 100% protected against any kind of malware.