enforce HTTPS

is there a way to make enforce secure connections (URL padlock) persistent when running dragon virtual ?

There is an extension for Dragon called HTTPS everywhere it says is automatically encrypts you internet connection in many sites. I think it ensures that HTTPS web sites are really encrypted. It is in the Chrome Web Store.

Yeah I use HTTPS everywhere, great extension :-TU
I would also like to be able to make dragons in built HTTPS enforcement (the padlock in the address bar) sticky so my rules remain after resetting the sandbox
I know I need to add to the sandbox exceptions but unsure what I need to add

The easiest thing to do would be to open Dragon outside the sandbox to make any configuration changes. If you are really concerned about being connected to the internet for even a very short duration while not inside the sandbox, just unplug your network cable when you make the changes.

thanks I guess that is the safest and surest solution