enet management now working

I have a new Acer Aspire 5570z laptop with a wireless card in it. It came with acer Enet managment software. However I cannot get the software to work with comodo. Enet does not list any wireless routers at all, however windows does and I can connect to my router. I uninstalled comodo and the problem went away. I was able to see my router and see the signal strength. So I went back and reinstalled comodo and enet management still will not display any routers in the box. I have tried to allow the program, allow the router address as being trusted but nothing gives. I also searched on the forum and found a similar problem, but it did not have a solution. Anyone have any ideas? Here is a screen shot of enet so you can see what I am talking about. My roughter should be listed there but it is not. Help please!!


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Usually the home LAN address is detected and a LAN is set up, but it seems that you don’t have one. To check, click Firewall>Common Tasks>My Network Zones and see if there is a network zone defined there. If not, you need to know your IP address for your computer and router. To find this, click Start>Run> and type ipconfig and press Enter. This will list your IP address and Subnet Mask and a few other items. With this information, click CFP’s Firewall>Common Tasks>My Network Zones. Then click Add and choose A Network Zone. Give it a name like Home or LAN and click Apply. On the My Network Zones page, an entry with the name you gave it will appear with a (Add addresses here) entry. Select it and click Add and choose A New Address. On that page, enter the information from the ipconfig results (if you see and subnet mask of, you can enter to as your IP address range, or just enter the IP and Subnet Mask info). Click Apply and Apply.
With the Zone defined, run the Stealth Ports Wizard (on Firewall>Common Tasks>).
Select the first entry “Define a new trusted network…” and click Next. Then select “I would like to trust an existing ‘My Network Zone’” and click the drop-down beside the empty box below. Select the Network Zone that you defined before and then click Finish. That should make your router visible to the rest of your network as well as stealthing your ports.