Endless Updates ??

Can some-one tell what is going on ??

I keep getting a request asking me if I want to download updates (every hour).

Its only started tonite. I thought after accepting the 1st lot that would be it, but no !

Any thoughts

From reading other posts, there is a problem with the updater.
Uninstall current version and get new version from site.

Well aint that just great.

Guess I’ll have to go over everything and re-learn what should be coming in and going out.

turned off auto updates, hope that works for now


You can turn this off under security>>advanced>>uncheck ‘check for updates’


Good afternoon.

I have uninstalled the old version, and d/l’ed the newest one on your site. However, the version I have d/l’ed says ’ ’

And when trying to download using ‘updates’ there are none… (:NRD)


This is the launchpad version. Open the firewall, then select ‘about’ tab the CPF version is


I was having the same update problem, and while another thread tackling the same issue seemed undecided on whether or not to uninstall and install the newest version, I tried it anyway. Not only did it fix my update problem (I’m running XP Home SP2 with Firefox and Thunderbird as my primary browser and email client, respectively), it seems to be running MUCH faster and also corrected another issue I was having with outbound emails not being sent.

I, too, was worried about having to re-train CPF, but I love the nifty new auto-detect feature which got me up and running in minutes. I think I had only three pop-up notifiers as opposed to thirty or so with the previous version I was using (after initial install).

So far, I’m very pleased with the new version and suggest installing it to fix your update error. I’ll keep an eye on it, though, to see if any bugs crop up.