Ended up uninstalling it

Great program but ended up uninstalling it from all machines.

Please don’t get me wrong as there are a lot of loyal Comodo fans here. Comodo products are great but I think they rush things out a bit too much and beta programs are put out there as stable versions.

My previous experience was with Comodo Time Machine and that was a complete disaster. You can read about it in its own forum.

As for EasyVPN, I was testing it out before recommending it for purchase and this was to be used as a substitute for a secure intranet messaging.

The program installs fine and did not cause any crash of the systems but this is what I observed.

1- Sign-in process is completely unreliable. Sometimes, it refuses to sign-in and states the credentials are incorrect (which is not the case). Sometimes, it does not sign-in. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes of looping to sign-in.

2- If there is any glitch in the network or internet connection, it loses its connection and will NOT sign back in automatically. So users need to watch the little icon in the taskbar like a hawk at all times and be ready to sign back in only to be faced with looping and refusal to sign-in automatically. Lack of automatic logging in upon loss of connection for whatever reason is a total deal breaker.

3- The “nudge” feature even though somewhat frivolous causes the program to crash. This was duplicated multiple times on multiple machines.

4- No easy or even hard way to get rid of inactive or bad user accounts. This is a very basic feature and is not included.

All in all, I understand this product is given out for free; however, I was going to make a recommendation for multiple license purchases since it is being offered as a paid product whose features are completely the same as those of a free one except, I guess, for support. I can see the IT person of a company running this product on a lot of machines getting completely fed up with it in less than a day since users would end up complaining about above non-stop!
Once the above issues are resolved, the product will be very good indeed and then it will be a stable release. The current version to me is just a beta.