End User License Agreement (EULA) Comodo BOClean

As I installed CBOClean 4.24 today (thanks, btw!), I scrolled through the end user license agreement, and came across some lines:


I’m very curious what this is about; legal matters of course, but more detailed? A sensitive question?


Just a wild guess : But could it have something to do with the technology export laws of the USA ?

Greetz, Red.

See? There you actually reading a EULA, and what now? You have more questions. ;D Good job!

Don’t know the answer; Comodo will have to provide that. I’m guessing Red may be on to something, but I don’t know that; just a guess.


Hehe… That part was in the middle of the EULA. normally ppl see the top and (rarely) the bottom most parts! Good Job LeoniAquila! :stuck_out_tongue: Wonder if the IPs from those countries are banned from downloading the setup file!


Thanks ;D

But to tell you the shameful and awkward truth, I was more scrolling than reading, and just happened to come across that section! Damitha is the one who pointed out that this was in the middle of the EULA, and thus should get the credits here :wink:

Anyway, Rednose, I don’t really understand what you’re writing. I get the English words but I don’t know more of US laws than what I’ve seen from trails in movies…



Maybe it would help to read these:



It being wikipedia, they may also have it in your mother tongue, to make it even easier… :wink:

Any search terms I put in relating to US exports came back to the same entries, so it must be important, LOL.


I don’t know about the USA laws either m8 :slight_smile: But what I do know is that there are laws that have to do with the export of technology. And that some of those laws forbid the export of advanced technology to certain countries. Now some software can be seen as advanced technology as well, so maybe the USA laws require that you refere to those laws in your EULA. But like I said : It is just a wild guess :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Ah, thank you both, now I get your points. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a wild guess, but maybe a reasonable guess, as well. I don’t want to get too political here, but I think the US’s relation to some of those countries aren’t quite as friendly as to other countries in the world. Sensitive topic, right :wink:

We’ll see if someone knows the answer, until then, I’m pretty satisfied with your speculations.


Most certainly not here to talk politics! Touchy subject, yes.


Yes, but if we are right it has everything to do with politics :wink:

Greetz, Red.

True, it’s certainly intertwined. However, I’d like to keep focused on the legal aspect, rather than the political (which would be the “why” of the legal…). Fine line. If we make it through that unscathed, we’re on to religion and sports, lol.



Please allow me to ask a few questions about the EULA:

Comodo grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download and use Comodo BOClean™, including any documentation files or website information accompanying it (collectively, the "Program"), on a single personal computer and to make one backup copy of the Program, provided that: (i) the Program is installed on only one personal computer; (ii) the Program is NOT modified in any manner; (iii) all copyright and proprietary notices or labels are maintained on the Program in their original format; and (iv) you agree to be bound by the terms of this License Agreement.

About “a single personal computer” and “the Program is installed on only one personal computer”:

I have bought in the past several copies of BOClean from PSC.
You were allowed to install it on a few personal computers at your home while you had bought one licence.

Has there been made any change to that?

What is the meaning of this now after Comodo acquired BOClean?

As far as I understand, Comodo BOClean is now free.
So again, what is the meaning of this?
Free is free, so I would think that you can install it on as much personal computers at your home as you want.

Comodo has the right to gather information regarding the use of the Program, including, but not limited to, IP Address, MAC Address, and admin email address to guarantee the proper use of the Program as granted by this Agreement.

What exactly does this mean?

On several (security) forums there has already been raised questions about this.
That “but not limited to” raises questions.
So, what info exactly is Comodo gathering? And what info will Comodo gather in the future?
And by which means will Comodo do that?
And on which moments will Comodo do that?

1)Giving someone a wildcard permission to install this application into unlimited number of PCs would leave Comodo vulnerable to someone pushing this distribution without any recourse. For example, someone who we don’t want to be associated with could in theory make this available to everyone for download and we wouldn’t have a legal recourse to protect ourselves. These types of clauses are mainly for self protection.

2)This I believe relates to the licensing we have (I will check it further). So that we are allowed to have access to user’s IP address etc so that we can check to enforce licensing. As you know there is a license module that automatically gets a license and these clauses are there to make sure that we have access to things we need to enforce licensing. if we didn’t have these and relied on these to make our licensing decisions, than we would not be in a good legal standing as we would not have access to these information.


As a company who has operations in the US, we are obligated to abide with the US laws. And US states that we can’t trade with those countries.


Hmmm. I think I would rather pay and have a program that didn’t spy on me than have a free one that does. OH, wait… I already did that… when it was just BoClean. :frowning:

why do you think this is spying?


Perhaps “spy” was the wrong word. Replace “spy” with “collect information”. I am not all that comfortable with giving anyone Carte blanche to collect whatever information they may choose to collect in the future. That’s what I would be doing if I agreed to the Eula. But that is a decision that each individual user would have to make for themselves.

I have seen this question around also…

I’m sure this will be answered soon~

I was close :wink: Thank you Melih :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks Melih, this explains that part of the EULA.

Cred to you Red :wink: