End Task for dot.exe Problems after Install

Ever since I installed Comodo Firewall, I have been getting a whole series of “End Task/Cancel” windows for a lot of .exe apps appearing. This happens both whenever I log off in order to switch to another user, and also if I shut down directly from the current user profile.

The list is almost always the same:

InCD (this one does it on its own as well)
PNP notification
Spyware Terminator
Server {xxxxxxxxxxxxx etc}

And then, when it’s almost powered off, it will ask to end task for explorer, too.

What could be causing this in Comodo, and how can I fix it?

Otherwise, it scans and runs (apparently) flawlessly, and learns very well. Was there something I did wrong in the setup, or…what?

Thanks very much –


I have not encountered the exact problem you have but I did have some painfully slow shutdowns after installing CFP on one pc. The User Profile Hive Cleanup from Microsoft fixed it, is is good for speeding up shutdown time anyway so might be worth your trying it: