end device Redirection to webserver using SSL

Hello, IM racking my brains trying to figure this out, hope someone can help , Im obviously not well versed in doing this :frowning:

We have a webserver on an intranet windows IIS 6 on 2003.
We have a client end device, that when they power on, it redirects to the webserver using redirection,
the redirect url is an IP address eg I cant change this address to a name , its always an IP address.
The end device will only redirect to a secure website with SSL,
I thought in the cert I could put in the hostname of the windows server, but trying it , I get a message saying (in IE) This cert was issued to for anothers websites address… in firefox, i get a domain name mismatch. e.g. you have attempted to establish connection with
the cert supplied belongs to etc…

Again, sorry for the very basic question,


PS SHould have added the actual IP addressess of the server is not but an address that falls outside the range of what would be private address schemes as defined by RFC. I know there are solutions for private IPs , unfortunately, Im not that lucky:-( Thanks!!

The SSL cert common name field would need to match the website address. If you are using this internally and the SSL cert is an intranet cert you could use the internal ip as the common name field. For further information please send us a ticket via https://support.comodo.com along with the order number and details of your configuration. ie client end device