Encrypted IM-program


Sorry, for my bad english.

I am looking for at program there are just like MSN Messenger, but your messages and file transfer is encrypted. Is has to be free, and it would be most likely if just one person should install a program, but I don’t think that is possible.

But any comments and programs and tests, is welcome.

It should also be some kind easy to use. But feel free to suggest a program.

Best regards, Tesk

I don’t personally use IMs. But, I’m aware of 2 that are free & have encryption.

[url=http://www.bitwiseim.com/features.php]BitWise IM Personal[/url] (paid version has stronger encryption)

thanks for you reply :slight_smile:

I have BitWise installed, but it can’t go through my routers and Comodo Firewall. And I don’t want to make to much diffrence to my router, but I havn’t looked at X-IM. But I can see there is a advertisment in the side of your messagebox.

Look here: http://x-im.net/advertise.asp

But thanks anyway, but are there others?