Encrypt and Digitally sign your emails!

you want to encrypt your emails or digitally sign them? Then use free email certificates. Majory email clients already support this (called S/MIME). give it a go at Endpoint Detection and Response, Free - What is EDR Security?


I’ve had this for some time but lost my certificate with a reformat ::). I reapplied but had to go through support to get reissued to same address. I just wanted to say thanks for a great support team. :slight_smile: tim


I have reset your email account and you would now be able to reapply for the same as before from our website.

Technical Support

Doesn’t work on Thunderbird or Opera M2…

The application process is IE only at the moment, but once u have obtained your cert it should work with any S/MIME enabled email client.


Thanks for the info.

Works fine here with Thunderbird.

Encryption not working AND I am the same person on more thatn one computer. I have a laptop, a hometop, an workstation at work, and 2 work laptops. Do I have to get 4 more emails? All tops are using Outlook2003 on Windows2000 or WindowsXP.

If your using the same email address on them all then simply export
the certificate with its private key to the other Outlook clients.